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Engineer – Mining (MOD)

PT Kaltim Prima Coal
PT Kaltim Prima Coal
Kirim Lamaran

Ringkasan Pekerjaan

  • Tingkat pendidikan: S1
  • Gender: Pria
  • Umur: 18 - 30 tahun
  • Tipe pekerjaan: Penuh Waktu
  • Lokasi: Kutai
  • Tanggal diposting:
  • Tanggal kadaluarsa: 2024-04-19


S1 in Mining Engineering from a reputable university with minimum 3 years related experience.

Good understanding of mining software, e.g., Minex, Talpac, and Shotplus.

Sound knowledge of mining regulations.

Good computer skills, particularly in Spreadsheet.

Proven skills in 3-dimensional analysis.

Good communication skills in Bahasa and English; as a guide, level of proficiency in English is minimum level 4.

Key elements of the position include:

Implement daily and weekly work plans. Maintain a record of jobs and review weekly with superiors for assignment priorities.

Perform a regular weekly field inspection.

Initiate review meetings for the output team.

Consult daily with production staff.

Establish mid-term plans, schedules, and reports.

Prepare conceptual designs for new development or mining areas.

Prepare weekly and monthly schedules, plans, and reports which show how mining should progress.

Develop necessary designs for roads, dumps, and drainage. Manage and undertake annual budget planning tasks and related project work that includes production schedule and costing.

Design and develop the Pit’s drilling and blasting plans to optimise drill, MMU, and stemming truck utilisation and contribute to the effective operation of the site.

Plan, implement, and evaluate explosive requirements to achieve blasting targets within quality, safety, time, production, and financial parameters.

Provide broken rock volume and explosive consumption reports and informal updates to the superior, highlight blasting results compared to pit explosive usage, and demonstrate accountability.

Oversee and inspect field work on a regular basis to check the accuracy of depth hole, charging explosive, and tie-up activities, adhere to agreed safety guidelines, and produce blasting reports for review by management. Monitor and assess the development of blasting plans to ensure that they are technically correct and that the blast patterns and sequences will suit prevailing conditions. Monitor blast plans, check on the progress of blast area preparation, and arrange the scheduling of blasting.

Liaise with Pit Geologists to obtain coal seam and geological data and maintain computer database.

Provide broken inventory, diggable days, and explosive consumption reports.

Produce post-blast and hard-digging investigation reports.

Ensure all blasting and drilling plans follow company and government regulations.

Develop and maintain appropriate and efficient operating procedures and practices; apply the most optimum way in running every department program; negotiate with suppliers, contractors, and external consultants.

Demonstrate and encourage conformity to and implementation of HSE regulations, policies, rules, and systems.

Supervise and implement business and performance improvement within the work unit.

Implement activities as instructions to achieve efficient and optimum manner.

Contribute to the implementation of knowledge management within the work unit by, e.g., performing coaching and knowledge sharing with peers.